By Thirdwayv Dated: May 9, 2018


We are excited to be joining the world’s top IoT companies next week at one of this industry’s biggest events. We’ll be showcasing our connected health solution that is enabling what we expect will be the first FDA-approved life-sustaining drug delivery device that can be controlled with a smartphone. A few thoughts come to mind as we prepare for the conference:​

  1. The time is ripe for mature solutions that can bring trust to connected healthcare delivery in the IoT. As with any other mission-critical IoT solution, connected healthcare solutions must be developed with the same proven “security by design” approach used in industrial and critical infrastructure applications, across the full, end-to-end solution including all connections between devices, smartphones and the cloud.
  2. Consumers will expect the same experience from their connected healthcare solution as they do from any other connected product. This means, for instance, that the industry can’t deliver a compelling mobile health experience while expecting to solve the associated security problems simply by locking down the cellphone. Patients will want to use their own phone when enjoying all the benefits of over-the-air data and software updates, and remote monitoring and device control. We offer the technology to do this securely, and this is the model that we believe the industry should embrace.
  3. We are entering what may be the most transformative period in the history of the healthcare industry. We have an opportunity to change everything – from how, where and when patients receive care to what the hospital of the future will look like and what services they will offer. Doctors will be able to rapidly and remotely deliver personalized advice and treatment, and the combination of big data and machine learning will yield even more innovation. Everything will be predicated, though, on a safe and secure connected health experience, so it is critical that we build in all the necessary safeguards now.
  4. Failure isn’t an option. There are real lives on the line. According to research firm Berg Insight, the number of patients remotely monitored using interconnected devices jumped by 44% to 7.1 million in 2016, not counting connected devices used for personal health tracking. Berg predicts that by 2021 there will be 50.2 million people remotely monitored using connected healthcare devices. Each one of these devices must operate within a trusted environment designed to protect all collected, transmitted and stored data from malicious attacks.

We’ll be demonstrating our connected solution for healthcare and other IoT markets throughout the conference, May 14-17, 2018, in booth #37 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Hope to see you there!