Don’t get nicked by “Z-Shave”

By Thirdwayv Dated: August 10, 2018

Don't Get Nicked by "Z-Shave"

August, 2018

While malware hacks such as WannaCry, Fancy Bear and Petya get widespread news coverage, Z-Shave “Man in the Middle” attacks could be much more relevant to the world of IoT.  As Catalin Cimpanu writes in this article, the Z-Shave vulnerability could impact more than 100 million devices that use the Z-Wave wireless protocol! The Z-Shave attack exploits the fact that two wireless "Things" that are designed to talk to each other never know if a third, malicious Thing has been eavesdropping and has corrupted the communication link between the two.  The Z-Shave attack uses this vulnerability as a point of entry for the attacker to either broach into a larger network, or to facilitate the theft of data collected by the Thing.

At Thirdwayv, we believe that a more holistic security strategy is required so that the security vulnerabilities of a specific wireless protocol is less relevant to the overall security of the system. Whether its Z-wave or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or WiFi or something thing entirely different, this end-to-end, “security by design” approach provides a great assurance to Thirdwayv customers that their deployments are successful and that their data is safe.

Talk to Thirdwayv for more information on how your system can be better protected against Man in the Middle and other cyber attacks.

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