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By Thirdwayv Dated: September 29, 2020

Medical Design Briefs:

Today’s IoT security solutions eliminate the previously prohibitive cost and complexity of protecting connected healthcare products and systems from increasingly dangerous cybersecurity threats. Medical Design Tech Briefs featured an article by Thirdwayv’s VP of Business Development that discusses how security-by-design software and service offerings also create the opportunity for healthcare solution providers to meaningfully differentiate their products based on the strongest possible safety levels, at a very small incremental cost. This investment also enables providers to minimize the substantial expense of breach remediation and, most importantly, the likelihood of a breach-related injury or death.

Protecting Patients and Their Data from Cyberattacks Aimed at Their Connected Health Devices:


Electronic Products:

Connecting insulin pumps, heart-rate monitors, and other medical devices in the IoT has transformed patient care. But the security of these solutions is, in too many instances, not considered carefully enough. Worse, some solution providers believe that security simply cannot be implemented cost-effectively. This becomes particularly dangerous thinking as the industry moves to a command-and-control model using commercial smartphones whose built-in security mechanisms are frequently not robust enough for safety-critical applications. Electronic Products featured an article by Thirdwayv’s VP of Business Development that outlines how discusses how these challenges can be solved through a three-tiered “security by design” strategy that protects all system communications, brings trust to each system element, and ensures “always on” connectivity between smartphone apps and the IoT devices and cloud.

Solving the security challenge in connected health-care devices:

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