Stop by for a visit at Cold Chain Global Forum – Philadelphia, Sept 24

By Thirdwayv Dated: September 13, 2018

You might ask how “Temperature Control” relates to the “Internet of Things”.  Well, if you’re interested in tracking temperature of critical assets automatically and efficiently, the days of manual data logs, inspections and reports are going away quickly.  IoT devices that provide real-time information including temperature data can provide much greater value than conventional systems.   With an IoT Temp sensor, manufacturers, suppliers, customers, partners and distributors can all easily monitor and verify not just temperature, but also other environmental parameters of goods as they move in the supply chain.

At Thirdwayv, Cold Chain applications have special importance to us as they were the targets of our first efforts in commercializing our connectivity and security solutions.  Though we’ve become better established in the Healthcare markets, we are proud to be demonstrating the latest in our technology portfolio at the Cold Chain Global Forum in Philadelphia from Sept 24 to Sept 27, 2018.  Stop by Booth 513 and we’ll be happy to discuss how to overcome problems related to environmental sensing and tracking in the Cold Chain and Industrial Automation industries.

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