Thirdwayv Featured in Medtech Intelligence

By Thirdwayv Dated: April 23, 2020

Connected medical devices have enabled doctors to improve patient diagnoses and treatment, remotely monitor chronic diseases and cut costs while enhancing care outcomes among many other benefits. However, the more devices that are connected means the more targets there are for attackers who want to remotely take over, reprogram and/or disable a device, steal its data, or launch a denial of service attack. MedTech Intelligence featured an article by Thirdwayv’s VP of Business Development that outlines how to deal with these challenges by applying proven best practices for end-to-end multi-layered security “by design.” These practices bring trust to all system elements at the time of manufacturing and beyond.  Click on the link below to access the full article.

Connected. Protected. Thirdwayv.

A Prescription for Curing Connected Medical Device Security: