Our mission is simple

We live in exciting times, filled with never-before-seen opportunity.
But inextricably linked with the technological potential are threats
that can be even greater in scope. Threats that can destroy the very
thing that's central to any brand – its reputation.

Our mission at Thirdwayv is straightforward: we want to help take the anxiety out of the IoT.

We want to help your enterprise move safely beyond place-to-place and
person-to-person communications to a new wave of thing-to-thing
networks. A third wave, if you will. One without worries. One where
we've secured every element of the system and all of the devices
connected to it.  Our goal is an IoT you can trust, for safety-critical
applications and services that depend on it.

Our values are what ground us


Yes, we're in the business of peer-to-peer connectivity. But we believe we're enabling something far greater – meaningful human connection. That's because we believe in the power of the IoT to improve how the world monitors and manages disease. All while automating processes and creating better, more personalized user experiences. The result is an increased quality of life for millions. And a deeper connection between you and your customers.


We believe 100% in the integrity of our solutions. That's because we believe 100% in the integrity of our people. We've assembled a team of hardware and software engineers who believe whole-heartedly in what they do.  They're deep thinkers. They like to challenge convention.  And they're experts in all aspects of IoT security,  efficiency, and reliability. We settle for nothing less here. Because we know your enterprise can't afford to, either.


Our clients are the heroes of our story. They're equal parts dreamers and doers, all invested in exceeding the brand promises they make to customers. They challenge us every day. And we help them further push the envelope. We're grateful to partner with some of the world's leading brands. Together, we pioneer ground-breaking solutions that change lives and power a better, brighter, smarter world. It's our privilege to collaborate with each of them.

Our leadership team is here to safeguard your reputation

James Kamke


When it comes to system semiconductor (hardware and software) expertise, Jim’s knowledge runs deep. He spent more than 20 years in marketing, sales, executive management, and product design and engineering, most notably at Motorola. Over the course of his career, he learned the ins and outs of what would become Thirdwayv’s key differentiating point – hardware as the “nucleus of trust,” on which all other security measures are built.

Nabil Wasily


Nabil is an expert in digital network architecture design, wireless protocols (LTE, Wi-Fi, and BLE), embedded SW, and security. He has more than 20 years of experience focused on algorithms, semiconductor design, and engineering management, which he acquired at Broadcom, Newport Media (now owned by Atmel). His obsessive attention to detail not only keeps him up at night, but also sets the tone for the rest of our development team. That’s important because security threats never stop – and neither do we.

Vinay Gokhale

VP Business Development

With more than 30 years of experience in the wireless industry, you could say wireless is now “hardwired” in Vinay’s brain. Not only has he seen how far the industry has come, but he also sees how far it has yet to go. His deep expertise in cellular, GPS and RFID systems gives him the forward-vision that’s invaluable from both connectivity and security standpoints.

Andrew Lentvorski

VP Engineering

A good engineer is naturally curious. Tenacious. And someone who sees patterns and connections that are otherwise hidden to most. Andrew checks all the boxes. His 23 years of engineering and management experience covers low power microprocessor and VLSI design, and embedded and Cloud Software, with IBM, AMD, DEC and ATI. He has continually proven that, “if he builds it, customers will come.”

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Typography is the art and technique Typography is the art and technique

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Typography is the art and technique Typography is the art and technique

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Director, Technology Irvine, CA

That's enough about us. What about you?

What IoT connectivity opportunities would you like to leverage - and how can we help you reach your strategic business goals? Tell us if you want to know more about:

  • The future of IoT and what it holds from both risk and reward standpoints.

  • What it takes to mitigate risk after-the-fact on applications you may have already developed.

  • The ways in which we can save you time, money, and risk exposure by leveraging one of our proven, patented solutions.