When communication becomes compromised, so does your brand

You assume apps and communication transport mechanisms like Bluetooth, NFC, LTE, Ethernet, and others are secure. But are they? While their basic security mechanisms mitigate some breaches, other threats – like holes in one-size-fits-all authentication and eavesdropping – are far less contained. Here’s how to lock down both app and channel, and uphold the safety promises you make.


Authenticate customers and their devices, protect your app from malware attacks, and validate system commands and components via remote attestation. You’ll ensure that all system elements can be trusted at all times.

  • How was it built?
  • What makes it versatile and secure?
  • How does it protect both app and environment?

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Protect your customers’ privacy and integrity by creating a secure tunnel at the application layer. You’ll preserve data without relying on the underlying security – or lack thereof – inherent to the transport mechanism in use.

  • How does it work?
  • What makes it different?
  • How does it proactively address emerging trends?

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How secure is your solution?

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