Healthcare & Consumer Medical Devices

Your patients lives are on the line. And so is your reputation. We'll help you improve the quality of their future, while safeguarding yours.

Biometric Monitoring

From thermometers, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters and pulse oximeters to heart rate monitors, we're helping to change the landscape of disease management with real-time, connected monitoring. Find out how.

Biometric Monitoring


Biometric monitoring transforms the lives of patients with chronic diseases. Gone are the old, single readings of traditional monitors. They're now replaced with continuous, real-time measurements.

Sensors, located on or under the skin, transmit data wirelessly to smartphones and other IoT devices. Painless and more patient-friendly, biometric monitoring increases the accuracy and utility of biometric readings for more effective disease management.

How Thirdwayv Connects and Secures Biometric Monitors

Thirdwayv brings trusted connectivity to these solutions while maximizing network coverage. We combine fixed and smartphone-based soft gateways with cloud technology and embedded software to create a complete end-to-end “security by design” connectivity solution based on a distributed and guaranteed root of trust.

After a one-time ID / Password configuration via the Thirdwayv-enabled smartphone apps, gateways automatically connect to any authorized monitor. Gateways securely collect the desired data and push it to the cloud.

The result? Simplified biometric monitoring for patients. Now they can gain valuable insights about their condition, while taking the guesswork out of self-managed or remote healthcare.

Electrical/Neuro Stimulation and Drug Delivery

From pacemakers, nerve stimulators, defibrillators, to insulin pumps, we're enabling secure solutions for electrical stimulation and automated drug delivery. Find out how.

Electrical/Neuro Stimulation and Drug Delivery


Similar to the benefits of connected biometric monitoring solutions, patient’s quality of life and healthcare outcomes can be significantly improved by connecting and automating electro-stimulation and drug delivery devices. Connecting electro-stimulation and drug delivery devices to biometric monitoring solutions to create automated closed loop disease management solutions exponentially expands the utility of these medical devices.

How Thirdwayv connects and secures it

Thirdwayv brings trusted connectivity to these solutions while maximizing network coverage.  We combine fixed and smartphone-based soft gateways with Cloud technology and embedded software to create a complete end-to-end “security by design” connectivity solution based on distributed and guaranteed root of trust.

After a one-time ID / Password configuration via the Thirdwayv enabled smartphone apps, gateways automatically connect to any authorized monitor. Gateways securely collect the desired data and push it to the cloud.

The result? Medications as well as life-saving and therapeutic stimulation delivered safely from the patent’s Smartphone without concern regarding interference or actions taken by 3rd parties with malicious intent.

Connected Hospitals

We're helping hospitals track and manage everything from critical assets to people and more. Find out how.

Connected Hospitals


A Real Time Location System (RTLS) enables hospitals to tag, track and manage medical equipment. It also knows the locations of doctors, staff, patients and visitors. Applications vary. 

You might use one to quickly find critical assets and improve patient care and workflow. Or to ensure compliance with hand hygiene requirements and other policy or regulatory mandates. The technology can be adapted for multiple uses.

How your facility could benefit

Thirdwayv solutions deliver RTLS connectivity without requiring any investments in additional networking infrastructure. 

Imagine your staff quickly and easily locating smart beds, soap dispensers, and other fixed assets. With the addition of supplemental, fixed gateways, they can also locate mobile assets — including medical imaging, monitoring, diagnostic and emergency equipment.

Used in conjunction with ID cards, the same solutions can help manage visitors. Wearable sensors know the location of infants, children, and adult patients as they move through the facility.

You stand to gain a level of insight, control, and compliance previously unavailable.

Connected Home Healthcare

We're making at-home care a reality and helping patients raise their quality of life. Find out how.

Connected Home Healthcare


The IoT changes how health services are delivered, allowing patients to reduce costly hospital stays and receive more care at-home. Imagine expanding in-home services for your patients — even your most challenging cases, like the aging, disabled and those managing chronic disease.

What's needed?

Connectivity solutions that facilitate remote patient monitoring. Ones that add trust, safety and accountability to home healthcare delivery. It all happens through:

  • Location tracking for both patient and caregiver.
  • Local alarms when immediate patient intervention is needed.
  • Audit reporting, and more.

How your facility could benefit

Thirdwayv offers a complete, end-to-end solution that ensures anytime/anywhere connectivity and data availability across the full-care chain. You can do everything from:

  • Capture and measure patient health data.
  • Track and trace drugs and medications.
  • Authenticate and report caregiver visits, and more.

It all translates into greater responsiveness — which puts you at the forefront of saving lives.


Connected Car

Your customers expect increasing in-car connectivity and features. What they don't expect is the increasing cyber threat. Find out how we help you manage both.

Automobile Access and Control — Smartphone Keyless Entry

We have the end-to-end solution that secures communication and thwarts hackers. Find out what it it.

Automobile Access and Control — Smartphone Keyless Entry


Say goodbye to physical keys. The industry is moving rapidly to replace them with digital access to the connected car via smartphones. And thieves are already hard at work on sophisticated hacking devices.

How we counter the threat

Thirdwayv solves the problem with an end-to-end solution for secure communication between the smartphone, the car's electronic control unit (ECU), and the cloud.

We combine multiple technologies to deliver trust and security, along with strong privacy protection. Think:

  • Cloud authentication servers.
  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) authorization.
  • Isolated Trusted App Execution in a smartphone TrustZone.
  • Tamper-proof key storage.
  • Trusted app provisioning and personalization.

It all puts the "smart" in smartphone keyless entry – while keeping the doors locked against hackers.

Infotainment System Security

We're filling the gap between what Autosar provides and what you're left to figure out on your own. Find out how.

Infotainment System Security


More and more, we use our phones for connected-car infotainment. And more and more, we increase our vulnerability to fraud, personal data breaches, and identity theft.  
But there is a solution.

How Thirdwayv secures infotainment

We created a secure, lightweight add-on that forms a protective shield around Android Auto.  The shield combines a secure boot with isolated app loading, app verification, and real-time platform integrity checks. It uses the Arm TrustZone approach to security at the silicon and CPU level.

 You can choose, validate, and control which apps run on your model's infotainment system. All of which can be purchased from either the Google Play store or your brand's own app store.

Each app runs in an encrypted secure container. And there's TrustZone hardware isolation for all vehicle communication buses. (Ethernet or Controller Area Network (CAN), as well as the trusted app running inside its authenticated execution environment.)

Additionally, we isolate the execution of secure cloud communications – making the solution immune to operating system vulnerabilities, malware, and rogue applications.

Your customers will be fully protected. And so will your reputation.

Autosar Security Components

We're filling the gap between what Autosar provides and what you're left to figure out on your own. Find out how.

Autosar Security Components


The Autosar development partnership provides a framework for In-Vehicle Secure Communications. But it leaves many aspects for you, the car maker, to define on your own. These include crypto functions and protocols, key management and distribution, and identity management.
That's a lot of responsibility – without a lot of guidance.

How Thirdwayv fills the gap

We offer a variety of security components for implementing Autosar, including:

  • Secure Onboard Communications (SECOC).
  • Crypto Service Manager (CSM).
  • Crypto Interface (CRYIF).
  • Crypto Driver (CRYDRV).
  • CAN bus (CAN).
  • Ethernet (ETH) Secure Communications.

We also offer a complete solution for key management, Freshness Value Managmeent (FVM), and both cloud and smartphone communications.

All of which take the guesswork out of Autosar security – putting you firmly in the driver's seat.

Secure Over-the-Air (OTA) ECU Firmware Upgrades

We make it easy to use the industry standard in vehicle software updates. Find out how.

Secure Over-the-Air (OTA) ECU Firmware Upgrades


OTA firmware updates must be seamless and invisible for car owners. But that ease-of-use can't translate into "easy to breach." This communications channel is a prime attack vector for hackers seeking to reprogram critical ECUs, take control of the vehicle, and steal OEM firmware. 

How Thirdwayv counters the threat

Thirdwayv offers a secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrade. It comes as an AUTomotive Open System Architecture (Autosar) app, responsible for verifying new firmware signature and authentication.

  Full and differential OTA upgrades are both available. We guarantee OTA security by using the cloud, car, and/or user-as authentication factors.

Additionally, you can upgrade the OTA app via the Controller Area Network (CAN) or Ethernet bus. You also have the option of running directly on either the electronic control unit (ECU), or on the ECU domain controller. 

The app meets stringent automotive safety and security requirements. That's because we leverage our proven IoT connectivity experience in the healthcare marketplace – where some of the most demanding, safety-critical applications are already in place. 

Cold Chain Management and Asset Tracking

You need end-to-end control and verification across the product journey. And we're making that simpler, more affordable, and more secure than ever Find out how.

Cold Chain Management and Asset Tracking


In the past, visibility across the entire cold supply chain – from refrigerated production, to temperature-controlled storage, to distribution and other logistics processes – has been limited.

But now there's a wireless sensing and secure identification solution for end-to-end product journey verification, from production to consumption.

Ours is the first affordable solution with applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing, food safety, and industrial control.

Customers use smartphones with our mobile app and cloud platform to:

  • Monitor and protect individual packages.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Improve profitability.
  • Maintain product integrity.

Our trusted and verified solutions combat fraud, tampering, and theft so you can:

  • Improve collections and customer satisfaction.
  • Accelerate corrective action when needed.
  • Accurately assign responsibility for non-conforming shipments.

There's no need for expensive, proprietary hardware. You simply place our disposable, recyclable tag inside the package and activate it with a tap. Truck drivers and inspectors then place their smartphone close to the item.

Our app does the rest, allowing you to continuously:

  • Collect data along the journey.
  • Spot problems in transit.
  • Share real-time dashboards and data analytics.
  • Create comprehensive shipment reports after delivery.

It's all easy, efficient, and gives you 360-degree insight across every mile of the journey.

What challenge do you want to solve?

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  • Find out how to leverage one of our existing solutions to save development time and money.

  • Learn about some of the compliance issues our clients faced — and how we helped them successfully navigate each one.

  • Find out what some of the most common loT connectivity pitfalls are — and how you can easily avoid them.