End-to-end loT security, from the hardware up

We look at trusted IoT connectivity from an end-to-end, security-by-design perspective – and from the hardware up. In fact, our deep expertise at the semiconductor and device level is one of the things that sets us apart: unlike others, we can ensure trust from the inside out, across the entire solutions lifecycle.

You might even think of us as the "nucleus of trust" for your entire service or application. That's because we deliver the technologies that allow all the devices, connections, and applications to "trust" each other before any IoT transaction occurs. All to safeguard you – and your customers – against breaches, tampering, and fraud.

Connecting and securing millions of devices

We deploy applications ranging from consumer medical devices, to asset tracking, to the connected home, hospital, and car. That's a lot of territory covered, both in terms of geography and functionality. Proven. Trusted. Effective.These applications help enterprises like yours raise the bar on patient care and quality of life – and elevate the overall customer experience. Like we did for them, we can help you use IoT connectivity to deliver on your all brand promises. If not far exceed them.

FDA clearances received... enabling partners to meet FDA guidelines

When you're on the forefront of technology, there are few standards and best practices already in place. But we're changing that. Our products enable partners to meet FDA cybersecurity guidelines - just by integrating with our Software Development Kits.  That means we're creating new standards for applications and providing hardware roots of trust for connected medical devices thus,  shortening the time it takes for you to bring those applications to market.

Easy deployments that close the gap between investment and revenue

Our software-as a service business model delivers the fastest path to loT application deployment. And that translates into the fastest returns on your technology investment.

Additionally, we can help you scale across multiple applications and quickly incorporate new capabilities. It's done by leveraging proven technology and security assurances that we've already implemented across the healthcare sector. Because if we can get it right in the most highly regulated and safety-critical environment, we can easily adapt what's in-place to yours.

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With more than 100 collective years of experience on our leadership team, we have the deep expertise and forward-vision to solve any loT connectivity challenge.
  • Learn why (and how) our deep hardware and semiconductor expertise can make the difference in eliminating most threat vectors.

  • Find out what's currently on-track for FDA approval – and how those solutions might be adapted for your enterprise.

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